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Research and science - foreign partners

All FET departments develop contacts with universities and scientific and research institutions abroad. The departments maintain direct contacts with:

Universities and institutions of higher education:

University of Umea
Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Universität Erlangen Nürnberg
École Polytechnique Montréal - Département de génie chimique
AGH Krakow
TU Sofia
Agricultural University of Athens
TU Munich
University of Leeds
Rice University, Houston
Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
Unviersity of Manchester
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Universita di Ferrara
Saga University
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby
Ecole des Mines Albi

Scientific and research institutions and foreign commercial companies:

Jonas Consulting Inc., Wilmington
ENEA Bologna.

FET staff are members of foreign scientific institutions and commissions, e.g. the International Association for Water Quality, the International Water Supply Association, the International Association for Properties of Water and Steam, and members of editorial boards of Czech and international journals, e.g. Water Research, and Petroleum and Coal.

Collaboration with foreign institutions concerns joint scientific and research projects and also teacher's and student's exchanges.

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