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Research activities Department of Environmental Chemistry

Department aims to prepare experts on environmental protection for the industry, state administration, and business, with a particular emphasis to waste management and treatment. Graduates are specialized in the field of waste management and treatment, environmental toxicology, environmental risks and monitoring, and legislation. Department employs 4 professor, 8 assistant professors, and 25 Ph.D. students. Major courses provided by the department include Waste Management and Treatment, Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Toxicology, Contaminated Soil Treatment, Environmental Sampling and Analysis, Environmental Legislation and Economics. Department further provides short termed educational courses for professionals as well as the two years study program within „The University Of The Third Age“.

Present research 

The main research activities of the department include:
  • Development of new soil remediation techniques and increasing efficiency of the techniques, which are currently in use. The research effort is mainly directed to soil flushing, soil vapour extraction, phytoremediation, membrane separation, in-situ chemical oxidation, thermal desorption and reactive barriers.
  • Development of special instrumental techniques for soil analysis, such as for example analysis of volatile contaminants and analysis of polychlorinated bifenyls.
  • Developments of terrestrial ecotoxicological tests (the tests, which can be performed directly on the soil samples).
The above specified research is mainly based on financial support from the national sources, such as for example Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, the department effort is also directed to the European scientific foundations.
Assoc. Prof. Martin Kubal
tel. +420 220 44 168
E-mail: Martin.Kubal@vscht.cz
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