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Current Research at the Faculty of Environmental Technology

From the historical point of view, the scientific and research activity at the Faculty of Environmental Technology derives from its original name, the Faculty of Fuel and Water Technology. The two basic ranges of scientific and research activity, which are closely linked and which supplement each other, embrace the processing and utilisation of individual kinds of fossil fuels on the one hand and environmental chemistry and technology on the other. The Faculty's scientific and research objectives are closely linked with its teaching activity.

Chemistry and Technology of Fuels

  • Development of analytical methods for detailed evaluation of the chemical composition and structure of coal, petroleum, petroleum fractions and of by-products obtained during their processing.
  • Ways to utilise and process high-boiling petroleum fractions and residues.
  • Determination of qualitative and quantitative parameters of natural gas.
  • Development of environment-friendly solid fuels for the household.
  • Research into corrosion inhibition and materials assessment.

Environmental Chemistry and Technology

  • Properties and utilisation of fuels and related ecological aspects.
  • Lubricants, additives for lubricants, and biodegradable lubricants.
  • Catalytic and adsorption methods of waste gas treatment, reduction of emissions in the combustion of fossil fuels.
  • Development of coal-based adsorption materials.
  • Analysis of contaminants in the living environment, monitoring of emissions of volatile organic substances into the atmosphere.
  • Biotechnological ways of wastewater treatment and sludge processing.
  • Biodegradation of xenobiotics in the environment.
  • Hydrobiological and microbiological assessment of water quality.
  • Assurance of good-quality drinking water for the population (removal of nitrogenous substances and organic contaminants).
  • Water treatment and desalination and recycling of rare substances using ion exchangers.
  • Decontamination of soil polluted by industrial products.
  • Analysis of old-burden contaminants and monitoring of their changes and toxicity.
  • Solidification of industrial waste.

    The Faculty of Environmental Technology research programmes are supported by national and international grant agencies. They reflect the current development and scientific trends. The Faculty of Environmental Technology research workers are recognised experts in all the above areas of research.
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