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Bachelor programmes

Chemistry and Technology (Specialization in Environmental Chemistry and Technology)

Chemistry and Technology (Specialization in Environmental Chemistry and Technology)

Bachelor Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Environmental Technology


Bachelor´s study programme Chemistry and Technology aims at completion and extension of basic knowledge and skills in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The study sub-programme offers a wide range of laboratory work which strengthens practical skills and properly completes and extends theoretical knowledge. Students are taught common compulsory subjects which are later completed by specialized compulsory-optional and optional courses of individual faculties. At the Faculty of Environmental Technology the specialization comprises all fundamental areas of chemistry and environmental chemistry and of all related disciplines as ecology, hydrochemistry, waste water treatment, atmospheric chemistry and environmental microbiology. A principle of sustainable development represents an important part of the study curriculum with a special emphasis on its biological, chemical and technological aspects. The Bachelor´s study programme is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and is in accordance with the European education requirements based on the Bologna process.


The main aim of the study programme is to prepare the graduates to further Master degree study programme in related branches at the UCT Prague, or to be ready to acquire qualified positions in a specialized workplace. Graduates have excellent theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience in basic natural scientific disciplines and might either continue in further studies or aspire to find a specialized job in a related field of engineering they have studied. Due to a wide choice of semi-optional and optional courses the graduates of the programme are ready to take jobs in many branches of human activities. They can be employed in administration, in industrial and agriculture companies, in research, development and design institutions and also in customs and transportation companies. They can hold positions in communication media requiring an engineering approach to ecological problems or take various managing positions.


Study Language English
Duration 3 years
Form of study full time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 10 students
Study Programme Chemistry and Technology (code B2843)
Study sub-programme code 2801R026
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