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Faculty History

Former Name: Faculty of Fuel and Water Technologies

The scientific disciplines that form the basis for the teaching and research activities of the four departments of our faculty were first taught back in 1884/85, when Prof. František Štolba began teaching one of the oldest subjects of chemical technology: technologies of fuels, luminaries and water. The next development in these disciplines started in 1910, with the arrival of a new assistant and later professor, Ferdinand Schultz. He was the first specialized teacher of these subjects. It was he who helped to create the authorized Institute of fuels, luminaries and water technologies. After becoming a professor in 1920 he split the institute into two sections and led both until his death in 1939. In 1920, seven independent faculties were united under the name Czech Technical University in Prague.

The two institutes formed the basis of the later Faculty of Fuel and Water Technologies, which was founded on September 1, 1953, one year after the creation of the independent Institute of Chemical Technology Engineering, renamed in 1953 to become the Institute of Chemical Technology.

Since the mid eighties, the faculty has been focusing more on environmental protection. The faculty was well qualified for this task, with two departments working on water and environment technologies and on air protection, and also bearing in mind, that chemical and power processing of fuels significantly influences the environment, which is affected by both the process and products of fuel processing. The other faculty workplace, the Synthetic fuels laboratory has turned its attention to waste management and environment protection, and has become the Department of Environmental Chemistry.

On July 1, 1991, the faculty became the present-day Faculty of Environmental Technology. A new course in Environment Protection Technology has been added, specializing in Water technology and Chemical and energetic treatment of fuels. The faculty has one unique characteristic: it is the only faculty in the Czech Republic providing the courses on Water technology and Chemical and energetic treatment of fuels in a study program specializing in petroleum technology and petrochemistry, gas manufacture, coke chemistry and air protection, water and environment technologies, energy, and chemistry of environmental protection. The present structure of the faculty is reflected by the list of courses and specializations offered: Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels, Department of Gas, Coke and Air Protection, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Department of Power Engineering and Department of Environmental Chemistry.

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