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Energy and Fuels

Energy and Fuels

The aim of the doctoral study programme Energy and Fuels is to educate qualified professionals who will be able to use in practice the latest scientific knowledge concerning chemical and energy processing and utilization of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and biofuels, as well as chemical technologies used in power engineering. Students get a broad chemical-engineering background extended with detailed knowledge of specific technologies as well as other skills how to independently plan and manage research activities, to orientate themselves in modern information technologies, to effectively use electronic information resources, to comprehensively process and evaluate experimental data and to prepare quality scientific publications and presentations.


Graduates of the programme generally find job in the management of fuel manufacturers and distributors, in the energy sector or in state administration, as well as researchers in the field of applied research. Graduates of the specialization Petroleum and Alternative Fuels Technology have a comprehensive knowledge of technologies for processing crude oil into fuels, heating oils, bitumen, lubricants and petrochemicals. They are also experts in the use of alternative raw materials for the production of fuels and chemicals and know also to solve environmental problems associated with the processing of oil and the use of products of its processing. Graduates of the specialization Chemical Technology in Energetics are experts in chemistry and technology of conventional fossil, nuclear and renewable energy systems. They have skills to optimize chemical modes of energy cycles, to design and operate technologies for the treatment of feed, process and wastewater in the power industry and they are corrosion specialists in the power industry. They are also qualified to solve the environmental impacts of energy production. Graduates of the specialization Gaseous and Solid Fuels are experts to design technologies for upgrading solid fuels and biofuels by thermal processes as well as technologies for purification of energy gases, biogas, exhaust and waste gases. They have skills to analyse and remove harmful substances from air polluting exhaust and waste gases and to monitor compliance with related legislation. They are specialists in the management of activities concerning mining, treatment, transportation, storage and distribution of natural gas.

Programme Details

Study Language English
Standard study length 4 years
Form of study combined , full-time
Guarantor prof. Ing. Milan Pospíšil, CSc.
Place of study Praha
Capacity 15 students
Programme code (national) P0711D130014
Programme Code (internal) AD202
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