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Industrial Ecology

Industrial Ecology

Bachelor Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Environmental Technology


Industrial ecology is one of the youngest science disciplines. It is, however, being rapidly put into practice in dveloped coutries, linking industrial activities and the environment. Industrial ecology perceives human activities including industrial production as an interconnected (eco) system and aims to minimize its negative impacts on the environment.


The industrial ecologist is familiar with important environmental issues, knows how to extract raw materials, produce fuel, focus on sustainable energy, and minimize waste production. Industrial ecologists work together with designers to develop new, greener products or with architects to design sustainable buildings.


Study Language Czech
Duration 3 years
Form of study full time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Study Programme Enviromental Technology (code B2814)
Study sub-programme code 2805R016
Detailed information at departments Department of Environmental Chemistry
Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels
Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering
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