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Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment

Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment

Bachelor Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Environmental Technology

Chemistry Eurobachelor®


Study of this sub-programme is as hot as its essence. The use of energy in its various forms is as old as the mankind itself and the development of energy-gathering has always been linked with the development of mankind. Energy gives us warmth and light, helps to process food, propels the means of transport and powers production machines. It also helps people learn, have fun or just relax. If you are successful in your studies you have fair chances of an easy life as energy is indestructible and will be here forever. Energy means warmth and movement; and movement means life. Beautiful life, full of heat and energy.


The three-year Bachelor study sub-programme Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment trains specialists focused on chemical and energy processing of fuels. General, elementary subjects make it easier for students to understand specialised subjects of their sub-progmramme. Graduates acquire knowledge about the main technologies of chemical and energy processing and about the use of fuels closely linked to environmental protection. Graduates are ready for postgraduate studies in all technical chemistry programmes, chemical engineering programmes and programmes related to the study of chemistry and environmental technology.


Study Language Czech
Duration 3 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Study Programme Enviromental Technology (code B2814)
Study sub-programme code 2811R005
Detailed information at departments Department of Gaseous and Solid Fuels and Air protection
Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels
Department of Power Engineering
Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering
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