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Alternative Energy Resources and the Environment

Alternative Energy Resources and the Environment

Bachelor Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Environmental Technology


Alternative and renewable resources provide the opportunity for eco-friendly energy recovery. These include, above all, solar, wind and water energy and biomass. By using renewable and alternative resources, traditional non-renewable energy resources, such as coal, gas, and oil, are spared. These can then serve as a source of material for chemical industry. Graduates of the study sub-programme "Alternative Energy Resources and the Environment" are professionals in field of chemical and energy processing and use of both traditional (coal, natural gas, oil) and renewable energy resources and the use of alternative fuels in transportation. They are able to use their knowledge with respect to environmental protection and principles of sustainable development. Due to planned increases in production and consumption of alternative energy resources and biofuels in transportation, the demand for professionals in this field will undoubtedly rise.


The Bachelor study sub-programme Alternative Energy Resources and the Environment trains specialists focused not only on classical chemical and energy processing of fuels, but also on alternative energy resources. General, elementary subjects make it easier for students to understand specialised subjects of their sub-progmramme. Graduates acquire knowledge about the main technologies of chemical and energetic processing and about the use of fuels closely linked to environmental protection. Different ways of obtaining energy and their impact on the environment are analyzed and compared. Renewable energy resources are emphasised, such as alternative energy in transportation, production of energy from biomass and others.


Study Language Czech
Duration 3 years
Form of study full time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 30 students
Study Programme Enviromental Technology (code B2814)
Study sub-programme code 2805R009
Suggested subsequent study in sub-programmes Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment
Industrial ecology
Detailed information at departments Department of Environmental Chemistry
Department of Gaseous and Solid Fuels and Air protection
Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels
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